Corporate English Tutoring Services in Perth

Corporate English Tutoring for your staff

McGrath Tutoring Service delivers Corporate English Tutoring, achieving accelerated learning outcomes for English. We incorporate a flexible approach with our proven teaching methodology. Our English tutors understand the importance your staff are to the success of your business. Our corporate English tutoring is designed to arm your employees with the English skills needed for professional success and ongoing personal development. Our aim and business goal is to understand the requirements you have for your staff's English learning and tutoring outcomes. Our English tutors will focus on all language areas and this can include accent reduction, pronunciation, increasing vocabulary, grammar, business writing skills and presentation skills. Overall, we aim our corporate coaching at increasing confidence for your employees who require more than a working ability in English.

Our methodology includes one on one as well as group lessons which are specifically designed to suit your business needs. 

McGrath Tutoring Service Perth - Assessment Reports

Our initial assessment reports provide a clear picture of your staff's commencement level in their speaking, reading, writing and listening. We will develop a plan which meets their exact criteria needed and access their strengths and weaknesses. Over the extent of their English training we build their assessments and have clear target indicators to help you follow their progression and allow us to continue modifying our training plan to ensure the outcomes are reached both economically and at a pace that suits the learning skills of your staff. Our final assessment training report will give you a detailed analysis of the improvement shown and achievements by each staff member. 

Examples of our lesson aims:

  • Pronunciation Improvement
  • Speaking Fluency
  • Common English Language Expressions
  • Business, Formal & Social Etiquette
  • Improve Grammatical skills including Grammar
  • Business writing skills
  • Business Communication skills
  • Australian Workplace Culture
  • Australian Common Slang - Business and Social Environment

How Experienced are the Tutors (s)?
McGrath Tutoring Service Perth provide corporate training in English using a methodology designed by our highly experienced and qualified tutors. Your staff are in good hands with our fully trained native English speaking tutors who have completed many years of English coaching in Perth and overseas. All our materials are up to date, interactive and the English tutors are trained in all elements to ensure your staffs success. 

Location to Suit you

McGrath Tutoring Service Perth operates a fully equipped training centre in Perth that provides professional tutoring rooms for private or group lessons. Alternatively, our tutors will come to your business address or any other location that you deem appropriate. Timings are flexible and can be arranged outside our normal hours of operation.

Is the Schedule Flexible?

McGrath Tutoring Service Perth run English corporate courses to a flexible schedule which gives you options of when to undertake your staffs training lessons. Our English tutors teach between the hours of 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm. As we recommend 2-hour coaching sessions the time and number of days you want to undertake your staffs coaching depends on your schedule. 
Visa required Exams
If your employees require English exam preparation for sponsorship or visa purposes we will prepare them to achieve the required scores and if necessary, assist with the booking process and provide mock exams prior to their exams. Our tutors are qualified to teach IELTS, OET and PTE Academic


  • Pronunciation/vocabulary improvement
  • Accent reduction and fluency
  • Grammar and tense
  • Etiquette
  • Speaking in meetings or groups
  • Formal and informal English
  • Workplace expressions
  • Culture awareness
  • Role playing
  • Confidence building with colleagues, customers and suppliers


  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reports
  • Emails
  • Business documents
  • Meeting and training notes


  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Interpreted group conversations
  • Maintain pace with conversations
  • Comprehension
  • English conversation
  • Expressions & slang
  • Sentence structure


  • Spelling
  • Phonetic rules
  • Business tone
  • Internal Reports
  • External communications
  • Emails
  • Proofreading
  • Editing